Schools Students Part of 1 million Youth Gathering in Putrajaya

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My son told me last week that his school principal announced during school assembly that all students are encouraged to attend the “One/Two Million” gathering of youths in Putrajaya. The students will be given points for their co-curriculum classes.

There are six or seven primary and five or six secondary schools in Putrajaya (on my last count). Each school population is between 600 and 750 students. If all the school principals are UMNO members then there will be 6600 to 9750 students. For the sake of this argument let’s round it off to 10,000 students who will be encouraged to attend the mammoth gathering.

The event begins on Wednesday May 23, and ends on Sunday May 27. There are about 200,000 to 250,000 people working in all the government ministries who will be driving, taking the buses, riding and walking to their offices in the three working days.

For the sake of this argument let’s round it off to 750,000 people who will be counted as attendees. The population of Putrajaya is about 300,000 minus parents who have counted as government employees which will leave 200,000 family members who will join in the event for five days who will total 1,000,000 and this make up the grand total of 1,760,000 people attending this mother of all events prior to the GE13. There will be close to two million people if they include other Malaysians who would attend anything just for the fun of it.

The organisers should seriously think about asking, inviting, encouraging and maybe forcing all the rich UMNO supporters, MPs, ADUNs, ministers, senators and their wives, girlfriends, mistresses and children to come to make up the two million people instead of just counting on the ordinary rakyat and their children to come out to party for five days and five nights.

Shame on you UMNO! It’s bad enough you misled your president but it’s worse that you lie to the children about what will be given points as part of school activities. – Harakahdaily