Scantily dressed woman raped

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Singapore  –  A man who sneaked into the bedroom of a trainee lawyer and molested her was sentenced to 51/2 years in jail and four strokes of the cane yesterday.

Muhammad Idzuan Arifin startled the 22-year-old – who was nearly nude in bed – when he crept into her room in the wee hours and informed her that she had not locked her door.

The victim, who had a blanket over her, thanked him and told him to leave. But the 24-year-old asked for her name and age, and if she was drunk. She refused to answer and told him again to leave, saying her parents were in the next room.

He replied that he knew they were sleeping.

When Idzuan came closer and asked if he could sit on her bed, the victim was about to scream when he immediately clamped his hand over her mouth, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Yvonne Poon.

He then got on the bed, pinned her lower body with his leg and held her upper body while trying to kiss her. Idzuan managed to kiss her on the neck and stroked her thighs and groin area.

DPP Poon said he also attempted to remove her underwear. She struggled and tried to bite him. When he noticed her hand reaching for something, he loosened his grip enough for her to scream in Mandarin: “Mummy help, someone is trying to rape me.” This woke her mother. On hearing her approach, Idzuan froze, then ran off. Family members gave chase but lost sight of him.

The court heard that the victim had earlier returned home at around 3.45am on Jan 21 after a night out with friends.

Yesterday, Idzuan was given 30 months’ jail and four strokes of the cane for aggravated molestation and another three years for taking methamphetamine or Ice.

As the sentences are consecutive, he will serve a total of 51/2 years plus caning. District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt said the manner in which the offence was committed was pre-meditated and shockingly brazen.

Idzuan followed the victim and slipped into her flat and room, he violated the sanctity of her room and her family’s home and invaded her privacy and personal space.

“The victim was in a very vulnerable position when the offence was committed,” he added