Saree Gang arrested by Ipoh police

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By Reena Raj

NO one would suspect a matronly-looking woman in a saree to be capable of committing robbery in daylight.

The tactic caused many women to fall prey and get robbed of their personal belongings in the last six months, said Ipoh OCPD Azisman Alias.

He said the suspect and her accomplices targeted Indian women at bus stops by offering a free ride.

When the unsuspecting victims got into the car, Azisman said they were robbed of their belongings.

Following a tip-off, he said, police succeeded in busting the “Saree Gang” on Saturday with the arrest of a 46-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man at a nasi kandar restaurant in Paser Puteh.

“Their detention led to the arrest of three other suspects, comprising two men and a woman, in Batu Gajah and Kampung Rapat.”

Azisman said in a house in Kampung Rapat where a 56-year-old suspect lived, police found stolen items of low value as the more valuable ones were already sold.

He said all five suspects had previous conviction records for drug abuse and violence while two of them were on the police wanted list.

“With their arrest, we believe 11 robbery cases using the same method in the last six month have been solved,” he told reporters at the Ipoh district police headquarters here yesterday.

Azisman said police were also on the lookout for the wife and son of the 56-year-old suspect who escaped when the man was arrested, adding both were believed to be involved in the gang’s activities. -MMail

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