Samy Vellu’s Tamil Nesan has agreed to print Makkal Osai until they find a solution to the printing issue

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S Subramaniam’s political career ended abruptly on 11/11/11 when an unsuccessful brain surgery left him in coma state.

Political detractors of Subramaniam used to vilify him as a spineless man sleeping on the job for 30 years. That probably be true not only in MIC but also in Nesa cooperative society and his business ventures in Tamil Dailies namely Malaysia Nanban and Makkal Osai.

Tragically, the Nesa president is indeed literally sleeping.

Knowing very well Subramaniam’s medical condition, Nesa is still maintaining him as the president.

What a farce?

Indeed it’s farcical to keep Nesa’s top dog position ‘empty’, at least that’s what the members the Indians in general feel, but not for the CEO Rajannan and his coteries as their interest precedes the interest of Nesa members until they find another dummy to fill the place.

The ensuing power struggle to take control of Nesa has exposed the land scams Nesa indulged in for several years.

From Nesa, the battle now has spread to Makkal Osai Tamil daily.

Periyasamy, the newly elected Nesa director aligned to Rajannan is the General Manager of Makkal Osai since the daily hit the street when Subramaniam lost Malaysia Nanban after the death of Athikumanan, his proxy shareholder.

But Subaramanim’s son Sundar started slowly clipping Periasamy’s power and influence in the daily. He removed Saraswathi Kandasamy as from the panel lawyer list.

Being in the daily from inception, Periasamy in turn threaten to leave taking along several key people to Thina Kural daily in the hope of destroying Makkal Osai.

While Periasamy was negotiating secretly with Thina Kural’s management, Sundar out maneuvered him by purchasing 50% stake in Thina Kural recently, effectively killing the planned rebellion.

Cornered to the wall, an indignant Periasamy retaliated by selling the printing machine to his business friend who has issued a lawyer notice stopping Makkal Osai from using the machine.

The notice was served late and thus Makkal Osai was able to use the printer till yesterday.

Today, Makkal Osai received help from an unexpected person.

Samy Vellu’s Tamil Nesan has agreed to print Makkal Osai until they find a solution to the printing issue.

In politics there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.

Periasamy, a strong Subramaniam supporter is now working to close Makkal Osai.

What a strange twist?

How did the printing machine ownership ended up with Periasamy?

A source with the knowledge of the matter told Traveler that the late Athikumanan used Periasamy as a proxy.

That worked well for Periasamy now.

Battle to control Nesa exposed the land scams and similarly, the battle to control Makkal Osai bound to expose more scams.

Saraswathi Kandasamy is said to be the prime architect of CEO Rajannan’s strategy in Nesa.

Interestingly, the same Saraswathi Kandasamy is said to be the prime architect of General Manager Periasamy’s strategy.

Let’s see where this ends. -indianmalaysian