Sabotage and out you go

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MELAKA, May 21,2012.- Stern action would be taken, including stripping their membership before the General Election, if Umno members were found sabotaging the party said Umno vice president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ahmad Zahid said such action was necessary to avoid the risk of losing more support for the party during the election.

He said in the past disciplinary action was taken only after the general election but such action would not overcome the problem at hand.

Ahmad Zahid said internal problems in the party normally cropped up when individuals are not happy after being left out of the candidates list for the general election since they may feel that they were eligible candidates.

“The Umno headquarters had requested three names for every seat and it is understandable that two of the three will feel angry being left out. More so when there is a candidate chosen from outside and not from their own constituency,” he told reporters after opening Kompleks Mutiara Pernama Kem Terendak here today.

According to a study carried out, 47 Parliamentary seats throughout the country was sabotaged during the 2008 General Election.- Bernama