Rob the Malaysian wealthy

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PETALING JAYA, May 22, 2012: A syndicate is believed to be training maids to rob the wealthy.

Under the new tactic, they train foreign maids to work in the homes of rich Malaysians and gain their trust before robbing them.

Police are investigating the possibility of such a syndicate following the latest case involving Federal Territory Wanita Umno chief Senator Datuk Azizah Abdul Samad.

Azizah’s maid had only worked for 21 days before she absconded with her employer’s jewellery valued at RM50,000.

The maid ran away from her employer’s house in Kelana Jaya yesterday after taking a set of diamond necklace, ear-rings and bangles.

She left the house at about 2.10pm while everyone was out.

Azizah’s husband and son had stepped out to a nearby shop and the senator was attending a meeting.

“When my husband came home, he noticed that the maid was not in the house and after checking, realised that the diamond set was missing,” she said. Azizah said she had paid RM5,000 to employ the 31-year-old maid through an agent and the maid started work early this month.

“I was suspicious because she could cook local dishes well although she claimed that she had never been in Malaysia before,” Azizah said.

She believed that a syndicate had trained the maid.

Azizah also urged houseowners to be more careful when employing new maids.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed the report. – TSO