RM373,000 saved after security guard been shot 5 times

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JOHOR BARU, JUNE 6, 2012 – : A security guard’s heroics during a heist resulted in him being shot fives times. However, he was lucky to get away alive from the incident.

The drama unfolded when R. Paul, 50, was accompanying his moneychanger employer out from Holiday Plaza here to the employer’s car parked by the road outside, after the outlet closed at around 8pm Tuesday.

Paul said he noticed three men wearing ski masks walking towards them and one of them whipped out a pistol.

“I knew we were being robbed and wanted to shoot but there were two women with their children some 50m away from us.

“I ran towards the women and children and shouted at them to run but before I knew it, I was shot in my right thigh.

“Before I could defend myself, I received a few more shots and collapsed to the ground,” he said, recounting his experience at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here Wednesday.

The robbers made away with S$150,000 (RM373,000), after shooting Paul in his right thigh, left side of the waist, left arm, left side of his abdomen and the back of his neck.

Fortunately, he was not critically injured and was admitted to the normal ward. – TSO