RM20.00 to Indian Voters by MIC consider bribe?

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Kuala Lumpur (May,29) MIC started to giving out RM20.00 to each and every Indian voters, and has to date disbursed more RM100,000 to Indian voters in Klang Valley.

This is a cheap tactic resorted by MIC in a desperate move to win voters; by handing out RM20.00 to each and every Indian voters throughout the country. This instruction has come directly from the MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, himself.

MIC has underestimated the Malaysian Indians, yet again. It is about time for them to realize that money cannot buy votes. Indians want strong representation in the ruling government. MIC, why such an embarrassing move? Is the money disbursed considered bribe? MACC, what have you got to say