Ridiculous to say Saravanan did nothing in Tapah – says Tapah voters

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Barely a day remains till Malaysians could decide their leaders for the next five years.
Nevertheless, the opposition’s attacks on Barisan Nasional, particularly its component party MIC, seem like it will go on to the very last minute, come what may.

In the latest spin, an online news portal reported that Tapah incumbent and MIC central working committee member Datuk M. Saravanan may find it difficult to retain his seat in the parliament, because he made little difference to the small town.

The portal quoted several locals in the areas as saying Saravanan only focuses on the Indian community and is never around his constituency to offer help.

One quote said the only development of any significance that Saravanan played a role in was the construction of an Indian temple and a sports centre.

Some even said that there is a call in change in the leadership because people in Tapah were fed up with Saravanan.

However, several Tapah voters have came out to say that the claims in the half-cooked article were baseless to the point of being laughable.

Faridah Be, 62, said to say Saravanan’s only significant contribution is to build a temple and sports complex is completely absurd.
“He has been an MP for the past 10 years? Isn’t it ridiculous to say the only development of any significance that Saravanan played a role in was the construction of an Indian temple and a sports centre?

“If people who have not been to Tapah said that, I would not have taken it to heart. But if a Tapah local said that, I simply cannot forgive them.”

“I mean, Tapah maybe a small town and all but Saravanan is one of the main reasons we flourish here. He helped rebuild Masjid Jamek in Tapah. He played a role in building bridges for the Orang Asli’s convenience.
“He helped increase the sporting amenities here like futsal and basketball rings. Come on lah! Open your eyes and see!” she said.

Siti Zalina, 32, shares the same sentiment as Faridah.Siti said Saravanan is a very familiar face around Tapah because he is always on the ground meeting people.

“You go to the market, you see him. You go to buy groceries, you see him. He is turun padang. People who say he is always not in Tapah are blatantly lying,” she said.

Another long time Tapah resident, J. Chandaran, 53, said the reason Tapah voters keep on choosing Saravanan as their voice in Parliament because he is a very hardworking person who sincerely helps the public.

“Since he won in 2008, he had brought tremendous development here including seeing to the religious needs of the Malay, Chinese and Indian community. He never looks at race but helps everyone equally with the means in his power.”

“This is the reason why in the 2013 General Election, he won with a bigger majority compared to the 2008 general election,” he said.

In 2008, Saravanan defeated PKR’s Tan Seng Toh with a 3020 majority, while in 2013, he obtained a 7927 majority, in a four corner fight with PKR, Berjasa and an independent candidate.

On May 9, Tapah voters will have to choose between Saravanan, PKR’s Mohamed Azni Mohamed Ali and PAS’ Norazli Musa.