Ramasamy and Manogaran do not represent the entire Hindu community – YB Kamalanathan

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By Cecilia Victor

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional’s P.Kamalanathan believes Pas vice-president Salahuddin Ayub had refused to apologise to the Hindus for his hurtful remarks equating Thaipusam to street demonstrations because Hindu leaders in the Opposition said “there was nothing wrong with the remarks”.

“They (Ramasamy and Manogaran) do not represent the entire Hindu community,” Kamalanathan added.
Kamalanathan said it was obvious that the Hindu leaders from the Opposition were not offended by what Salahuddin had uttered.

Ramasamy who is Prai MP in a news report stated he would have voiced out his discontent if Salahuddin’s remarks were insulting.

He was quoted as saying that those who made an issue out of it did not understand the context in which it was said.

Kamalanathan expressed his disappointment with Salahuddin and the two DAP men saying: “We will have to think carefully of what to do next.”

Prior to this, Kamalanathan said 15 to 20 police reports had been lodged against Salahuddin for comparing Thaipusam to street demonstrations, causing an uproar in the Hindu community.

On June 20, just a day after the debate, Kamalanathan wrote a letter to Salahuddin demanding an explanation and that he apologise to the Hindu community.

Salahuddin who is Kubang Kerian MP insisted his comments were not intended to offend anyone and has refused to apologise.

He had asked Kamalanathan not to take his comments on the matter out of context as he was just stating the facts. – The Mole