Raja Nong Chik RM30 Million and Shahrizat RM250 Million represent you in Lembah Pantai?

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On 24th August 2010, a company by the name of Istijuara Sdn Bhd was awarded a government contract amounting to RM30,800,000 by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. You can see the details below.

Now, that may appear quite normal. After all, billions of government contracts are awarded every year. So what’s a small RM30 million or so against the backdrop of hundreds of billions?

The only problem with this ‘small’ RM30 million contract is that Istijuara Sdn Bhd is owned by Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin, the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being. And this is not his only company and this is not the only government contract that his companies have been awarded.

If you think that Shahrizat Jalil’s RM250 million NFC cow project is a cardinal sin, wait till you see how much Raja Nong Chik’s companies have taken. Raja Nong Chik’s contacts make Shahrizat’s RM250 million look like chicken feed by comparison.

Raja Nong Chik’s 26-year old daughter, Raja Farhana, is listed as one of the two Directors of the company. She also owns 399,999 of the 400,000 shares. That means she is practically the sole owner of the company with the other Director owning only one share.

The company, which was incorporated almost 20 years ago when Raja Farhana was still in standard one, has losses carried forward amounting to about a quarter of a million Ringgit and current liabilities of about RM400,000 — against current assets of about half a million and a share capital of RM400,000.

This does not give a very bright outlook of the company’s finances but I am sure this RM30 million contract can clean up the company’s balance sheet soon enough.

I have actually known Raja Nong Chik since back in the 1980s and even then he was already a successful government contractor. And I am sure that after almost 30 years of ‘printing money’ he must be pretty wealthy by now. Hence, financing his bid for the Parliament seat of Lembah Pantai should be child’s play for him. And ‘financing’ the voters to vote for him should be no effort as well.

On top of that, there is the RM1.5 billion EPF funds at his disposal to pay for the thousands of low cost houses that he is soon going to dish out to Kuala Lumpur residents, in particular to those in Lembah Pantai. With all that, how to lose the Lembah Pantai seat?

The question is, putting aside Raja Nong Chik’s enormous wealth — which was actually our money to start off with — do you want a Member of Parliament like this to represent you in Lembah Pantai?

Granted, PKR has a host of problems and is not the most organised party in Malaysia. Also, granted, Nurul Izzah Anwar does not have tens of millions to dish out to buy your votes. But if it is good governance, honesty and integrity that you are looking for in your Member of Parliament, instead of Raja Nong Chik you are better off with Al Capone. At least, with Al Capone, Valentine’s Day would be celebrated with a bang, or rather plenty of bangs. – Raja Petra Kamarudin