Rafizi Ramli was arrested this morning

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SHAH ALAM ―In a move that many believe will backfire badly on Prime Minister Najib Razak, his government arrested PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli for exposing financial details in alleged contravention of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act.

PKR’s Rafizi Ramli was arrested by police at his home here this morning over alleged violations of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA).

Rafizi, a member of the PKR party led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, had in recent months exposed the RM250mil NFC corruption debacle that led to the husband of former Women’s minister Shahrizat Jalil being charged for criminal breach of trust.

His red-hot revelations had the Umno-controlled media baying for his blood and calling on the police to arrest for allegedly breaching banking confidentiality.

According to PKR, the party’s strategic director was taken to the Hulu Kelang police station, and will be presented at the Sessions Court in Shah Alam to be charged.

Rafizi had earlier taken to microblogging site Twitter to announce his arrest.

“I have been arrested under BAFIA and now on the way to the police station. Will be charged in Shah Alam court,” he tweeted earlier.

“Being taken to be charged at the Shah Alam Sessions Court now,” read a subsequent tweet.

However, Rafizi and other leaders suspect the arrest was more to do with the Ampang LRT deal in which a crony of Najib’s has just been awarded the billion-ringgit tender despite being the least qualified.

“I am now arrested under the Banking and Financial Insitutions Act (Bafia) and will be taken to court right now,” Rafizi said in a SMS message.

“My 1st reaction at being arrested: Damn GeorgeKent. @NajibRazak must surely love his golf buddy to risk this public relations mess,” he later said on his Twitter.

Rafizi had also accused Najib of using George Kent Bhd, a firm run by tycoon Tan Kay Hock, to obtain the Ampang LRT deal and at the same benefit Thales, a European conglomerate which is also part-owner of DCNS.

DCNS is the vendor of 2 Scorpene submarines ordered by Najib in a deal estimated to be worth at least RM7.3 bil and in which Najib is accused of accepting a bribe from DCNS to seal.

DCNS is now on trial in the French courts for allegedly paying illicit kickbacks to Najib worth at least RM570mil or 114mil euros.