Racial space in all official Government documentation only fille the word Malaysia only – Pakatan Rakyat

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WITH the effort to ensure the unity of all races in this country, Pakatan Rakyat leaders recently was reported to have set that the racial space in all official government documentations such as Identity Card and Birth Certificate would only filled with the word Malaysia only.

The space for Religion on ICs which is questioned by most people now especially to those who convert also would be wiped off.

Perhaps along with time, there are probabilities that even gender would be erased to avoid any discrimination from anyone.
But this matter (gender) is still said in further discussion because it involves sensitivity among others, especially when it relates around religion and a few other factors.

The reason why I mentioned this decision that Pakatan Rakyat leaders might take is to ensure that rakyat would be confident with the openness of Pakatan Rakyat in protecting human rights, considering the misunderstanding from statement made by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is said to be supporting the discrimination on homosexuals.

The same statement also had caused threats given by human rights organizations such as Human Right Watch (HRW). HRW described Anwar’s statement during his civil suit hearing with Utusan as embarrassing!!!

Little do this HRW knew that the matter had to be mentioned to strengthen his case against Utusan Malaysia who accused him for being pro-homosexual and the law which is said to be discriminating the group, he did not really mean what he said!

So it is not that wise to put a single statement to determine that Anwar discriminates the group as there are other statements which showed his tolerance towards this group and the statements are even better than Najib!

Few of Anwar’s commitment to abolish laws regarding homosexuals which is said to be discriminating to them, can also be used as weapon to end one’s political career.
The same thing goes to wiping off the type of race (replaced with Malaysia) and Islam in government’s official documentation would be implemented once Pakatan

Rakyat is in power. That would show that Pakatan Rakyat would really ensure that Malaysians would never be separated according to religion and race as they are now.

But that does not mean that rakyat could not practice their religion and culture. It is just that their race and religion do not have to be mentioned in any government’s official documents to describe where Pakatan Rakyat’s official stand is in this matter. – Suara Pakatan Rakyat