7 year old pupil whacked to death by teacher in Kedah

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May, 30, 2012. – A Malaysian court on Wednesday sentenced an Islamic school teacher to 18 years in jail for causing the death of a seven-year-old pupil who he beat and strangled, reports said.

Hanif Mohamad Ali, 28, was sentenced by a court in northern Kedah state after pleading guilty to causing the death last year of Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee, state news agency Bernama reported.

The boy had been accused of stealing money from another pupil.

Saiful died two days after he was admitted to hospital with head injuries. Prosecutors said he was tied up, beaten and strangled, which cut off oxygen to his brain and led to his death.

Judicial Commissioner Mohamad Zaki Abdul Wahab was quoted saying he hoped the sentence would be a lesson to teachers that they should “not act inhumanely” or use discipline which was “reckless and excessive”.

Malaysian teachers have occasionally made headlines for extreme punishments. In one case a student caught smoking was forced to smoke more, and in another a group of girls was made to squat in a pond.

Caning, administered on the buttocks or the palm of the hand, is allowed as punishment for boys in Malaysian schools although it is used rarely and only for serious offences.