Prohibiting unmarried Muslim couples from sitting together in cinemas

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KUALA LUMPUR : Selangor Pas deputy commissioner Khalid Samad said the move to segregate unmarried Muslim couples from sitting next to each other in cinemas in Kuala Selangor did not go through proper administrative procedures.

According to The Mole, Khalid said : “The councillors did not go through the required administrative process which was to propose the idea to the council’s full board meeting instead of going through the council’s licensing department. ” Khalid said the Kuala Selangor district councillors (MDKS) who proposed the idea of disallowing unmarried Muslim couples from seating next to each other did not go through the proper administration procedure.

In a recent news report Pakatan Rakyat leaders have distanced themselves from MDKS “ban” on unmarried couples from sitting together in a cinema.

Selangor state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu deemed the move by MDKS as double standard.

MDKS claims it has never issued the restriction order prohibiting unmarried Muslim couples from sitting together in cinemas.

Pas Selangor commissioner Dr Rani Osman said the matter was only a suggestion made by a councillor and had not been discussed in the council’s full board meeting.
Khalid who is Shah Alam MP also said the enforcement was very unlikely to be implemented in the future.

He maintained it will only be seen as an advisory notice, those that do not follow will not be punished by the council as whether one should be punished or not, will be at the Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) prerogative.

A post at The Choice wrote that Pakatan’s attempts at containing the controversy has degenerated into a farce, with the coalition parttners openly contradicting each other.

The writer wrote : “But the ban has become a state issue, adding yet another crisis to the Pakatan state government (that is) already dealing with the power struggle within PKR and the Talam scandal.’’ – The Mole