Prof Ramasamy an empty vessel in DAP – Penang MIC Youth Chief

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Who is the credible Indian leader to truly represent the Indian community in DAP?

It seems it is a merry go around with the party leadership recognising the Indian leader who gets the highest vote in the party election.

Last time, all Indian issues were referred to Penang Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy but now it seems that it has been handed to Ipoh-based M. Kulasegaran.

It is ironic that the Indian leader in DAP is not chosen by the Indian themselves but is chosen by the 1,823 delegates attending the National Convention, of which only 25% are Indians.

We feel that this is also the wishes of the DAP leadership as they want subservient Indian leaders who would not question them.

The performance of P. Ramasamy who has been riding high with the powerless DCM’s post, has been brought down to earth when he failed to make it into the 20 CEC seats.

The results clearly indicate that Ramasamy’s failure to address the problems of the Indian community as well as his snobbish attitude had contributed greatly for his defeat.

His controversial statement that he is a leader all races had irked the feelings of the community while his silence on the Kampung Buah Pala issue as well as the demolition of the Hindu altar in a private home in Sepang could be the contributing factors.

His open confrontation with DAP chairman Karpal Singh over the warlord and godfather issue could have also driven off the delegates from supporting him.

Penang MIC Youth urges Ramasamy to find out the reasons why he is no longer a main player in the party, although he believed he had the backing of the father and son team.

The question is whether the father and son team, Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng, had truly thrown their support for Ramasamy or had conspired to engineer his defeat.

There are clear indication that Ramasamy has been considered as a baggage for the DAP and had such, his name was not endorsed in the final list by Lim Guan Eng.

It is a shame that Ramasamy had lost while Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo has managed to get in. This shows that Gobind has more support than Ramasamy.

Ramasamy has been fond of calling names at others including MIC but today he is in the same boat. He has to decide whether he should accept an appointed post although hie has been rejected in DAP.

We feel that he should consider retiring from politics rather than accepting a “backdoor” post. Accepting it will only make him be a mandore at the beck and call of the DAP leadership and would not be an able representative of the community..

Penang MIC Youth urges the Indian leaders in the party to come to their senses and show their displeasure over the treatment accorded to Indian leaders in the party.

The Indians should be brave to voice out their frustrations or question the DAP leadership for not fulfilling their promises and needs of the Indian community rather than be silent to the wishes of the DAP leadership.

“This election clearly shows that there is no place for Indians in the party but are considered as mere window dressing.

“If the Indians continue to remain in DAP, they are going to be disappointed when the candidates for the general election are announced. They will be given tough seats while the choice seats would be reserved for their own leaders.

Penang MIC Youth urged DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng to publicly announce the party’s plans for the Indians in the country.