Prime Minister will be celebrating his 59th birthday on Monday (23rd July)

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There is no slowing down Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak even during the fasting month.

His schedule remains hectic throughout Ramadan with back-to-back meetings and other official engagements.

On top of that, the Prime Minister’s schedule will also be filled with buka puasa (breaking of fast) events, mainly with the rakyat. He will be going to various states for buka puasa engagements with the people.

Yesterday, he was in Pekan fulfilling his annual tradition of breaking fast with the people in his constituency. Najib is MP for Pekan.

An aide to the Prime Minister said his daily schedule was always packed and Ramadan would be no different.

“He is not slowing down. He will still be meeting the people and since it is the fasting month, he will be breaking fast and performing terawih prayers with the rakyat,” said the aide.

Najib’s first of many buka puasa with the people is expected to be in Selangor on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister, who will be celebrating his 59th birthday on Monday, will host a buka puasa for ministers, close friends and family members in Seri Perdana, followed by terawih prayers and a tahlil session.

His deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will have an equally packed schedule during the fasting month filled with meetings and hosting buka puasa events, including for the media and Education Ministry staff.

He will also be travelling to several states to join the rakyat for buka puasa and prayers. -news.asiaone.