Pravasi ’17: Chennai modernization proposal – Another feather on Samy Vellu’s cap

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– Malaysia had proposed 6 mega projects in attempt to modernize Chennai to the Tamil Nadu government, which includes lost cost houses and road and highway maintenance.

Datuk Seri Utama, the Malaysian Special Envoy on Infrastructure to India and South Asia, told the press today that he will be meeting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, O. Paneerselvam on 11th January to discuss with regards to these matters.

He said that initial proposals were presented to the late Selvi J. Jayalalitha, who was then the Chief Minister. Her untimely demise had deterred the approval process, and he said that the time is perfect now to pursue discussions with the present Chief Minister.

Samy stressed that Malaysia has the most expertise and capacity in modernizing Chennai. It is also notable that most highways in Tamil Nadu were constructed during Samy’s tenure as the Malaysian Works Minister.