Porsches were flagged off on a road trip

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KUALA LUMPUR: Over 30 members of the Porsche Club Malaysia stopped by the Star Motor Carnival here today.

Club founder and president Key Soon Yue said as “ motorheads” they were keen to check out the many vehicles on display at the carnival.

“I’ve liked cars ever since I was young,” said Key,adding that he owns more than one luxury car.

Key said he was fascinated by Porsches because of the lifestyle that comes with owning them.

“Continental cars are also interesting because of their history and background,” he said before the Porsches were flagged off on a road trip.

Members of the club make it a point to meet frequently.

“Last week we even organised go-kart races.

“We have a membership of over 800 people, all of whom own a minimum of one Porsche each, which is the requirement for joining the club.”

When asked if the Porsche Club members had any rivalry with Ferrari and Lamborghini owners, Key said that was inevitable.

“There are some GT races between the clubs.

“But some members of this club own all three makes,” he added.

Club member Dr Rodwin Bahadur, 55, said that he was a firm believer in the philosophy of Porsche as evident in the car’s design and engineering.

“Porsches were made to be driven everyday and they are both powerful and reliable,” he said. – The Star