Political candidate goes nude on her election video

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June 24, 2012 – Controversy sells.

A political candidate in Poland has taken off her clothes in her election video.

SLD representative Katarzyna Lenart, 23, sparked furore over the ad, but maintained it was the best way to attract young voters.

Oh, did we say that she’s quite a looker?

“My campaign targets young people,” Lenart reiterated. “And young people are only interested in controversial stuff, unfortunately.”

Lenart, who is hoping to be elected in Lublin, appears modestly dressed at the beginning of the video before ripping her clothes off.

Eventually, she takes off her pink bra and the word “censored” covers her breasts.

A message then appears, reading: “Want more? Vote SLD. Only we can do more.”

An SLD spokesman complained: “I don’t think this sort of ad has its place in left-wing politics. We should be enacting a ban on sexist advertising.”

Source: The Daily Chili