Police report against Samy Vellu, Vell Paari, Dr.Subramaniam, M Saravanan, T Mohan and 32 individuals

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PETALING JAYA – POWER, a non-governmental organisation on welfare and human rights, today lodged a police report against 36 individuals for their alleged involvement in fraud and abuse of power in awarding several contracts at the MIC-run AIMST University.

The NGO president S Gobi Krishnan, speaking to reporters after lodging the report, said the police should investigate all the named individuals since AIMST University was built with money from the public and government grants.

Among those named in the report were former MIC president S Samy Vellu, his son S Vell Paari, MIC deputy president Dr S Subramaniam, party vice-president M Saravanan and Youth chief T Mohan.

Samy Vellu is the chairman of Maju Institute Education Development – the education arm of the MIC. MIED also directly operates AIMST University.

“I raised this matter over one month ago but until today no one has come forward to explain the misappropriation of funds and abuse of power.

“It is public money. And the university does not belong to a certain individual, it belongs to the Malaysian Indian community. So it is the duty of those managing AIMST University to come forward and clear the air,” said Gobi Krishnan, who is also PKR political and strategy bureau secretary.

The PKR leader has been holding weekly press conferences highlighting the alleged abuse of power and misappropriation of funds in the running of the university, located in Kedah.

Among allegations were financial mismanagement including AIMST University’s food catering tender, the university’s information and technology contract worth RM40 million, and its landscape maintenance contract worth RM27 million.

He had claimed that these contracts and many more were given to people close to Samy Vellu without proper tender exercise.

Gobi Krishnan said he provided the police with a bundle of documents to prove his claim.

“There are a few MIC leaders who had threatened to sue me. But, until today no one has the guts to challenge me in court. So, it is clear cut that there is something wrong in AIMST. I am not taking revenge against them but it is a matter of public interest,” he added. – FMT