Police accused for civilian’s death during a special operation

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Police are looking for a man who alleged that they were responsible for his friend’s death during a chase in a special operation to nab snatch thieves and motorcycle offenders.

Petaling Jaya district deputy police chief Supt Tuah Masrom said on Christmas day, around 7.50am, a special task-force consisting three police officers were patrolling the Sri Manja area.

During their rounds, they stumbled upon the two men riding a motorcycle without helmets.

When the police tried approaching them, they sped off and escaped.

However, while continuing their rounds about 1km away from the incident, they spotted the two suspects lying on the road near PJS 3/48.

“When my men stopped, they noticed it was the same two men who sped off earlier.The pillion rider was unconscious, while the rider looked conscious. My men immediately made arrangements to send them to the University Malaya Medical Centre nearby,” said Tuah.

“Initial investigations and feedback from onlookers revealed that the men were speeding and lost control, crashing into a tree. We believe they were trying to escape from the policemen earlier.”

However, the following day, around 3.15am, one of the suspects, Mohd Azrul Zulkifli, 19, passed away from severe head injuries.

His friend, Khairul Azri Sham Abu Kasim, 22, lodged a report at the mobile police station in the hospital, claiming that the police attacked them, resulting in his friend’s death.

Tuah said the home address given by Khairul in his report was fake.

According to Malay Mail, initial police checks revealed the given address was an empty lot up for auction, and that the motorbike was owned by a man who lives in Perak.

“We are now investigating the two men’s relationship with the owner, and hope that will shed some light,” he said.

Tuah urged those with information on the men to come forward and assist in investigations.