PM eyes May 26 or June 9 Polling Date

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May 7: Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia is expected to use UMNO’s 66th anniversary celebration this Friday to reveal the much expected general election date.

Earlier, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Ahmad Maslan, the person tasked with answering critics of the plan, said Najib would reveal details of the government’s promise of windfall for Felda settlers on May 8, three days ahead of UMNO’s gathering. There has been intense speculation since last week that Najib would seek an audience with the Agong this week to formalise parliament’s dissolution, which will be pave the way for polls on May 26 after a 12-day campaign period.

Another rumour said parliament could be dissolved on May 14, with polling day on June 9. According to a source close to UMNO leadership, Najib “is going for the kill”, believing the negative coverage of the massive rally for electoral reforms on April 28 accusing protestors and Pakatan Rakyat leaders of causing violence. Another political observer however opined that the controversial listing of Felda prompted Najib to stop delaying polls.




Source :- Harakah