PKR financial source reveal – two vehicles (BUS and Trailer) which cost about RM1 million

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Wow! They started with a bus. Now, they bought a trailer for their nationwide political campaign.

Impressive! That’s PKR. Although party president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail did not disclose the financial source for that two vehicles which cost about RM1 million – except attributing it to some donors and volunteers – many believe PKR is just another Suaram which receives tonnes of money from abroad.

PKR needs money to help Wan Azizah’s hubby Anwar Ibrahim realise his dream of becoming the next prime minister. As his money abroad couldn’t find its way back to Malaysia, PKR via Pakatan Rakyat has to use organisations like Suaram and Bersih to amass foreign funding.

Bersih, in demanding ‘clean elections’ in the country has attracted more than enough foreign support – politically, morally and financially – from various institutions, including that from the Wall Street and Dow Jones.

Their tactics and demands mirror similar movements that have come out into the streets in Russia and across the Middle East, and just like in Russia and across the Middle East, they are entirely funded, directed by, and working for the interests of Wall Street and London.

Bersih’s rank and file are responding to legitimate concerns regarding inequities that exist across Malaysia’s diverse population.

Ethnic Malaysians are perceived to be receiving more benefits and upward social mobility than Malaysia’s large groups of ethnic minorities. Likewise it is perceived that Malaysia’s ruling government has an unfair advantage come election time.

However, the movement’s demands and tactics seek simply to destabilize Malaysia politically and return known Western collaborators, and in particular Wall Street proxy and International Monetary Fund (IMF) functionary Anwar Ibrahim, back into power.” – http://www.anwaraidc.com/?p=23840

It’s a simple task for PKR to raise any amount of money needed to finance Anwar’s campaign.

Some articles, locally and abroad had produced strong testimony and tangible evidence about such funding, given by George Soros-linked organisations in the West, notably Europe and the United States.

And Anwar himself had never tried to ‘really deny’ all accusations.

So, what is RM1 million to PKR when it has the capability of raising a few million for that dirty Bersih rally? His good buddy Ambiga too has no worries over a plan to stage another street demonstration, most probably early next month after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tables the 2013 Budget at the Parliament on September 28.

Actually, reporters shouldn’t have asked Wan Azizah to reveal the source of funding but instead ask when will PKR buy trains and aeroplanes as their campaign vehicles. Or a supertanker-sized cruise to ferry them to Sabah and Sarawak!

O-oh. Now we can understand why Pakatan Rakyat announced cheaper cars if Anwar becomes a prime minister.

They will subsidise Proton cars with foreign funds! -stopthelies