Phang -vs- Musa : RM 100 Million lawsuit

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Tan Sri Musa Hassan is learning the hard way that one can’t make allegations against people without substantiating them. He now faces a RM100 million lawsuit from businessman Robert Phang for accusing Phang and the police force of corruption.

Phang told reporters on Friday that he has lodged a police report against the former inspector-general of police and plans to sue him too.

“I want the police to look into Musa’s claims as well as to investigate me to confirm whether I [abused my power] so that my integrity and that of PDRM is maintained,” he said.

Phang announced that if Musa failed to apologise within seven days, he would sue the former IGP for RM100 million.

“My lawyers have sent him a letter of demand to retract and apologise for his false statements against me,” Phang said.

“I am giving him seven days to come forward to state an apology. Seven days. Otherwise, I will definitely exercise my right and sue him,” he said.

Poor Musa. He has now realised that singing the Opposition’s tune can come at a price. RM100 million, to be exact.

Phang said the purpose of the lawsuit was to “guide” Musa to tell the truth, and that the former cop was a “spiteful man who spreads falsehood.”

Musa recently resurfaced in the media spotlight, making unsubstantiated claims that criminal elements existed in the police force, and that government ministers actively meddled in police investigations.

The former IGP also accused Phang of abusing his authority to transfer a senior police officer in 2009 in order to speed up a project to replace police walkie-talkies that Phang was involved in.

Phang has denied Musa’s claims, saying he was appointed as an independent advisor to the telecommunications company that won the contract, but never abused his position to help speed it up.

In his police report lodged Thursday, a copy of which was released to the media, Phang wrote: “I vehemently deny that I have caused anyone to be transferred for whatever reason.”

“This is a serious allegation against me and PDRM and an offence under Section 500 of the Penal Code appears to be committed,” he added.

Phang said he had included in the police report a copy of the 2009 statutory declaration (SD) made by Musa’s former aide, ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim, who called Musa a “pengkhianat” (traitor) and accused the former IGP of allegedly manipulated the police succession hierarchy and silencing critics with transfers and trumped up charges.

“Azizul was very close to Musa; he must be telling the truth! The PDRM cannot keep their eyes closed. They must investigate this to restore the good name of the police,” he added.

Phang added that if the police didn’t investigate the matter against Musa, it would derail the measures taken by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to fight graft in the country.  –  The Choice