Perkasa be fair to MIC – Datuk Saravanan

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Kuala Lumpur
– “The uproar of Perkasa members going all out to finish off MIC is totally unacceptable, said Deputy Youth and Sports Minister and MIC Wilayah Persekutuan Liaison Chief, Datuk M. Saravanan.

“How does MIC opposing Zakir Naik be construed as being anti Islam ?, he questioned.

Saravanan said that MIC has been a very supportive and cooperative party in the BN coalition, all the way.

“MIC leaders work very closely with leaders of other BN component parties to preserve unity among all races in Malaysia. Hardly or never a MIC leader spoken out against the spirit of Malaysia,” he stressed.

“We in MIC and Hindu community in Malaysia are upset with Zakir Naik as he openly and outrightly condemns Hinduism. How can we condone and tolerate such a person? Many Muslim scholars visited Malaysia but MIC never opposed them, as they only preached Islam and were focused on enlightening the Muslims, not belittling and humiliating other religions and beliefs.”

“The evil minded Naik is able to tear apart the fabric of our society. In such short a time he has made the Muslims hate their Hindu brothers. Imagine in a longer period of time.”

Waging war against MIC candidates in the upcoming General Elections by Perkasa is certainly an act to humiliate MIC and undermine the sacrifices and contributions of MIC leaders and members.

Saravanan further added that MIC as the sole party representing Malaysian Indians has been entrusted with the task to protect the beliefs, cultures and languages of Indians in this country.

How can MIC’s action of defending Hinduism be construed as an act of being anti Islam ?

“MIC will stand by BN as one of the major component member at all costs. Zakir Naik seems more important and pivotal to Perkasa members compared to fellow Indians who grew up with them in this country,” he lamented.

The Tapah MP also told that MIC truly respect the sanctity of Islam and other religions in this country. MIC at no point had intention to insult or belittle the national religion.

“We in MIC will continue to forge the brotherhood among Malaysians and work to preserve the unity and harmony in Malaysia, not destroy it,” he stressed.