Perhentian Island – Paradise redefined!

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Where is Perhentian Island ?

Located at the east coast off Malaysia. Nearby the border off Kelantan in the territory of Besut, Terengganu, Malaysia.

In brief…
For hundred of years ago vessel sailing from the south coast of Peninsular Malaysia to Bangkok will stop-by for a rest and shelter at the Island. They all  an ancient merchant carrying food, jewelry, vast and etc. As the activities of merchants, sailors and traders from the South of Chinese Sea have taken place, the island is getting popular for their ‘one stop station’, these Islandswere named as ‘Once Stop Island’ so called ‘Pulau Perhentian’ in Malay language.

Perhentian Island is a group of small Island where fishermen always take a day off to repair their boat/ship for maintenance and get a shelter from the unexpected sea weather of the South Chinese Sea.

A nature of Perhentian Island is the main attractive. Every year, thousands of tourist flocked to the island. Many from  Europe and United States.The outdoor such as jungle tracking, snorkeling, diving and fishing have become the major activities. These activities had derived Perhentian Island’s economy as the best Island for vacation in Malaysia. The island also equipped with the telecommunication services. You can get hook up to the internet and communicate with your friends via the wireless telephone. The service charge is average. If you have the GSM hand phone, you should have no problem.

How to get there…

From Kuala Lumpur International Airport you can get a flight to Kota Bharu, Kelantan. From Kota Bharu airport, you get a taxi cab direct to Kuala Besut. Kuala Besut is a small town and it is the nearest gateway to Perhentian Island from the mainland. A boat services are available from selective travel agent. A further more 21 KM, then you’ll arrive at the island.

You also can get a train from Kuala Lumpur Station towards to Wakaf Bharu, Tumpat Kelantan. From Wakaf Bharu you need to take a bus or taxi cab towards Kota Bharu. From Kota Bharu you take a cab or bus go to Kuala Besut. In Kuala Besut you can make a hotel reservation and buy a boat ticket from the local tourist operators. Please view our latest Kuala Besut map at 

By bus? Get an express bus from Putra Terminal Kuala Lumpur.