Perak DAP Chief Ngeh Koo Ham – you are a complete disgrace

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Ngeh Koo Ham – you are a complete disgrace. You are just like the other arrogant DAP leaders who do not use their head when they tweet.

How does one describe the DAP leader Manoharan who posted a tweet to run down our badminton hero Lee Chong Wei.

The Perak DAP chief, we are sure, is the kind who would run down Malaysia when he is overseas. We bet our last ringgit he does that.

He is the kind of chauvinist leader who appeals to the many whining Malaysians – who lives in a affluent neighbourhood, has a maid, has three cars or more, travels overseas and enjoys the best of Malaysian life!

One can speculate what are Ngeh’s private views regarding the controversial anti-Islam Innocence of Muslims video clip.

He has a sick mind because only a racist mind would post a tweet that read: “Khairy wants Muslim protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or his political gains? Are Muslims wasting too much time and energy on this.”

He has tried to wriggle out of this provocative tweet by claiming he was merely posing a question. Come on, Ngeh, you must think we are as stupid as your DAP groupies and zombies.

You should stop lying and come out with an apology instead. You are clearly insensitive but worse, you have offended the majority of Muslims in Malaysia.

A mistake is one thing but to put that offensive question is another thing. You can only say you are a bloody disgrace. – StopThelies