Penang Youth MIC Chief J Dhinagaran, are working around the clock to make changes

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From Kevin Fernandez

Now that MIC is working hard to win back the grassroots support for the next elections, it has to prove that the party is viable and with the people.

While its attempts seems to be in vain, and squabbles within the party tends to explode every now and then to imply that the party is stretched too far and too wide, there seems to be some within the party who make a difference.

The young like MIC Youth Chief, J Dhinagaran, are working around the clock to make changes especially outside the party.

Though, he is among the few who actively engages the poor, the disheartened and the recent case of body ash grabbing in Penang, he is the least spoken of and not making much in roads in the mainstream media.

People like Dhinagaran are then forced to prove themselves by working with the people in constituencies that he thinks may help him during elections.

What MIC needs to understand is that 60% of the voters are largely made out of young people. These young people expect their future leaders to be apt users of Tweeter and facebook to personify their presence.

Short discussions with Dhina would enlighten you that he posses the charisma and intelligence to deal with rural folk within urban areas such as Penang.

Dhina, as some of the MIC division youths would refer to him as is considered a moderate progressive thinking leader.

For an instance, the Sg Dua youth leader fully supports his leader to stand if given a chance. The problem is, is MIC ready to do away with the stalwarts and is it ready to hand down power to the younger more vibrant leaders who are willing to work hard and save the party? – FMT – via e-mail