Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman – Liar

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An audio recording of Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman calling his boss – the Dear Leader-a cocky and arrogant fella has emerged.

We know Dear Leader aka Tokong had forced his deputy to misrepresent and spin what he had said. In other words, he forced Mansor to lie.

To claim that he did not utter those words. But those were honest words by Mansor.

Too painful for Dear Leader to admit since he is getting used to been praised daily now by his groupies and cronies.

The state PKR leader also remarked that Dear Leader Lim Guan Eng was behaving like a tokong – a deity.

He’s still using tax payers money to stay in a rented mansion and has refused to move into the official residence.

He used to boast that he travel on economy class but we want him to tell us how he traveled to Italy last year and has he actually traveled on economy class during his overseas trips!