Pas want to discuss with Karpal over the Hudud law

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KUALA LUMPUR: Pas information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said DAP chairman Karpal Singh did say that both parties can discuss their differences on the hudud issue in his speech during a Pakatan Rakyat convention two years ago.

Throwing his support behind Pas youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi who was chided by Karpal over the hudud issue recently, Tuan Ibrahim said Nasrudin was referring to Karpal’s speech in 2010 when the DAP leader said their differences on hudud (Syariah Criminal Code) and Islamic state can be discussed.

“Nasruddin was only quoting what Karpal said during the convention that there should be discussions over things we disagreed,” Tuan Ibrahim said.

“We acknowledged there were differences between Pas and DAP when it comes to hudud but Karpal himself said it can be discussed,” he added.

Tuan Ibrahim was commenting on a news report where Karpal reportedly expressed displeasure over Nasrudin’s remarks on hudud.

Saying he will never compromise on hudud in the country, Karpal reportedly said: “I have always been very public and absolute on my stand to never have hudud implemented in the country… how then can he (Nasrudin) claim such a thing?”

In another report he described Nasrudin as “a relatively minor official in the Pas hierarchy” and asked the party leaders to keep the member in lower in rank in check.

Karpal’s harsh comments were made following Nasrudin’s remarks about Karpal’s readiness to discuss hudud law with Pas again during a live debate with Umno representative Fathul Bari Mat Jaya recently.

Tuan Ibrahim said Nasrudin’s remarks should be viewed positively as he was only trying to show mutual respect between DAP and Pas even when there were disagreements on their stance.

In the same article Karpal also reportedly urged Pas to continue pursuing a welfare state as decided by the party at the muktamar rather than having an Islamic state.

To this Tuan Ibrahim said: “I think everyone should respect and accept our stance and Islamic policy. It might not be necessarily about hudud, but we have been consistent in upholding Islamic values in our struggle.”

“Pas existed for that reason,” he added.

A blog post had published a video of Karpal during the convention on 19 Dec 2010 where he claimed his “over my dead body” remarks on hudud were taken out of context.

The video showed Karpal stating Islamic state issue could be discussed with Pakatan leaders such as Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The latest argument between DAP and Pas regarding hudud was widely discussed on Twitter and on the blogosphere.

A blog post by Big Cat stated Pas should know its own position in the coalition following Karpal’s outburst against the Pas youth leader.

The post read: “I guess, Pas youth members should know now what their DAP ally think of them. Friends, you are just some lowly kampung hero only la. Keep your Islamic pipe dream to yourself, ok?”

Meanwhile Pas Youth deputy chief Nik Abduh Nik Aziz said maybe Karpal was under the impression that he was quoted as supporting the hudud law by Nasrudin.

“It is just a misunderstanding. We in Pas knows Karpal’s stance about it. What Nasrudin tried to do was to show how different Pakatan and Barisan are when it comes to matter like this.”

“We are willing to discuss. Unlike Umno and MCA,” he added. – The Mole