PAS leaving Pakatan Rakyat

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“Some of our leaders are considering a move to pull the party out of Pakatan Rakyat if DAP and PKR do not approve its plan to introduce hudud law should PR wins the next general election. On my part, I think PAS should opt out.”

A PAS central committee member from Terengganu told me over the phone last nite after receiving my text message.

“Even many of PAS members like the idea. We believe PAS can stand on its own as had been in the past (in Kelantan).

“Without DAP and PKR, we are confidence PAS can win more seats in the coming general election, God willing.

“We can understand DAP’s rejection for hudud but not PKR Muslim leaders who actually know so much about the law. Our leaders had reiterated many times that hudud is meant for Muslims and will not affect the non-Muslims.

“Maybe some Muslim figures in PKR had to agree with DAP in order to keep Pakatan Rakyat’s smooth running. I personally think PKR and DAP and team up well but only in certain aspects,” he said without giving details.

He, however believes most Muslims in the country, including those with Umno are supporting PAS idea of a ‘true’ Islamic country in Malaysia.

“Why not? Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and other Muslim countries have introduced hudud a long time ago and they never encountered with serious problems. Even expatriates and non-Muslim are comfortable with the system… and they never complained!

“Like it or not, PAS will lead the charge for hudud if PR wins… with or without the support from DAP and PKR. We will not compromise.”

To a question about the possibility of PAS leaving Pakatan before the national poll, he said: “Almost certain… if they (DAP and PKR) reject hudud!” -justread-whatever