Pakatan Rakyat undecided about who should be the Prime Minister – National MIC Youth Chief T.Mohan

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mohanThere has been a positive change in the perception of the people, including the Indian community, towards Barisan Nasional recently said National MIC Youth Chief T.Mohan

“As a person who travels a lot , I see that most businessmen from the middle to the lower income groups want Barisan to win. “That is one of the obvious changes I have seen,” T.Mohan said yesterday in his exclusive interview with The Kuala Lumpur Post.

He said the momentum towards the general election was picking up and the support due to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak‘s leadership under which the political, governmental and economic transformation efforts have reaped results and gained global rankings.

The Indian community is urged to have a constructive outlook of the equities market in view of the optimistic feedback by economists should Barisan Nasional continue its success at the 13th general election. Support for the BN leadership will encourage completion of the country’s Economic Transforamtion Programme (ETP).

The Economic Transformation Programme initiated by the BN government will create jobs opportunity, but unfortunately, Opposition parties are not supportive of these programmes.

He pointed out that even the three parties in the Opposition pact could not unite as one.

“They cannot decide on who should be the prime minister, and they are not even sure which is the dominant party.

“It is obvious that it is not Anwar’s (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) party that is dominant but PAS while the Chinese have accepted that the leader from DAP cannot become the PM or deputy PM,” he said.

Mohan said MIC Youths were working hard to keep members and the public informed of the political situation in the country.

Mohan also added that it was surprising that many were unaware of the political realities, such as the impact of hudud law if it was implemented by Pas. “We will inform the people of what Barisan Nasional (BN) and MIC are doing.”

“Some think they want to ubah, that is to change the government. But few are aware of the consequences.”

National MIC Youth Chief  T.Mohan called Malaysian Indians to give our full support to the Prime Minister as he leads Malaysia to become a country of high income status by 2020.