Pakatan Rakyat is a failed concept “anti-Islam” – Nasharudin Mat Isa

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The dissenting voices in PAS are correct. The Islamist Party should leave Pakatan Rakyat but not for the reasons being touted by former deputy PAS president Nasharudin Mat Isa and Former State PAS Secretary Mohamed Nordin Mohd Nor.

Nasharudin believes PAS should quit Pakatan Rakyat for the sake of its Islamic principles. In other words, to get as far away as possible from Karpal Singh, who has vowed to thwart the party’s hudud ambitions over his dead body, and from DAP, who some at PAS have already branded a party of infidels.

Nordin says Pakatan Rakyat’s dream of conquering Putrajaya is causing PAS to move away from its original objectives. In other words he would rather stay in an Opposition with at least some principles intact than say or do anything for power.

On that count he is at least more principled than Anwar Ibrahim, who changes with the wind.

Both men are correct, but for the wrong reasons. The real reason PAS should leave Pakatan Rakyat is that the whole concept of the broad-based coalition is flawed from inception. The very idea of an Islamist party in an alliance with a secular Chinese party makes no sense and now that is being proven before our eyes.

Now that this coalition is coming apart at the seams, the question isn’t ‘why is Pakatan failing?’ but ‘why did anyone ever think it was a good idea in the first place?’

A marriage of convenience is a marriage doomed to fail.

Now is as good a time as any for PAS to leave because most in the party can see the writing on the wall. There is so much internal squabbling within the coalition (members of which are now even suing themselves); they don’t see Pakatan Rakyat winning GE13. So why not spend the time until then shoring up their respective core support base?

PAS should focus on keeping Kedah and Kelantan but given its record of mismanagement in both states, holding on to Kelantan looks problematic and holding Kedah looks near impossible.

So what does Pakatan Rakyat look like without PAS? The simple answer is more peaceful but the real answer is unelectable because for all the faults of PAS, it can still point to its huge gains at GE12 and say ‘we made the inroads for Pakatan Rakyat’.

It delivers to Pakatan a group of conservative Muslim voters PKR just can’t get to. Can you imagine the self-styled, globetrotting sophisticate Anwar Ibrahim wooing the PAS electorate? His pitch to them would have to start with the words: “I’m sorry I said I support Israel.”

PAS walking out of Pakatan Rakyat would devastate the coalition. But there is another option that would prove even more damaging in the long term – and that is PAS staying in Pakatan Rakyat if it wins GE13.

That’s because, as we all know, the only thing that holds Pakatan together is its common objective to defeat BN. Once that is accomplished, it’ll be a free for all as all parties jokey for position.

As Australian-based Malaysia expert Professor Clive Kessler put it earlier this year: “Within a week of getting the numbers and setting up the government they would be at one another’s throats.”

Pakatan Rakyat is a failed concept, a fact confirmed this week by Karpal Singh’s decision to sue Nasharudin for saying he is “anti-Islam”.

That legal sideshow rumbles on with Nasharudin vowing to fight Karpal in court. If Pakatan Rakyat was actually united perhaps the duo could be convinced to put aside their differences.

But clearly we are beyond that. If ever you needed proof that Pakatan Rakyat is terminal just look at the defiance and bitterness now on show in this telling legal tussle. – The Choice