Opposition led states not transparent on tenders

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Opposition led states has been criticised for not revealing tender details awarded by its state governments despite claims that they were transparent.

“Pakatan Rakyat constantly proclaims it is transparent and calls for open tender.

“Why is it then that Pakatan-controlled states do not have a procurement portal?” said Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein.

He added that the federal government, on the other hand, had the MyProcurement website which was accessible to the the public.

He had posed the question to DAP publicity chief Tony Pua at the online debate network iPidato during a debate titled “Will the New Economic Model and Economic Transformation Programme transform our economy and enable Malaysia to realise our aspirations to be a high income nation by year 2020?”

Information is available on advertised tenders and awarded tenders, including dates, values of the contracts and winners of the tenders.

“If only selected contracts are published, then the portal is effectively useless,” he said adding that Pakatan Rakyat states had benefitted from open tenders although they did not publish the information online.

Awang Adek denied that the portal was not up to date, adding that details of more than 4,500 government contracts had been published.