Opinion: Hindraf’s Love And Hate Affair – Dato R. Ganesan

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I love you, but I hate you. I miss you but I’m better off without you. I want you out of my life, but I never want to let you go. Every time I see anything about Hindraf, these words keeps flashing in my mind.

What started as a rise against alleged marginalisation of Indians in Malaysia that shook the political landscape of the country has became benignly irrelevant, reminding me of the saying, What goes up fast, comes down equally fast. Once upon a time, Hindraf was tipped to be more influential than Barisan’s MIC. Their rally in 2007 definitely played a significant role in 2008’s political tsunami.

However, Hindraf today seems nothing more than a joke. Their jumping jack trait is staggering. From being pro-Opposition to shaking hands with Barisan Nasional, Hindraf has gone around the Ferris wheel multiple times.

Not long ago, they voiced desire to contest in the coming general election under Harapan’s banner. Then, when they were conveniently left out of the pack during the seat allocation, their rear sparked fire.

Just like DAP, after years of attacks on Mahathir, Hindraf reconciles with the former dictator they called a racist. In fact, Hindraf themselves publicly alleged that Mahathir destroyed the future of the Indian community during his tenure. Now, they want to work with him to supposedly save the Indians. They met, kissed and made up for their past troubled relationship.

As we waited with bated breath for fireworks to ignite and pave way for the revival of Hindraf within Pakatan, suddenly Mahathir paused his advances. Mahathir who was supposed to officiate a function with Hindraf, abruptly cancelled his attendance and the event was called off at the eleventh hour. Sensing that alliance with Hindraf would seed unhappiness among the existing Indian leaders within Pakatan, Tun M is seen to be threading cautiously on Hindraf.

This has certainly created uncertainty within Hindraf and the newly formed Mira MyGen Party. Are they merely puppets for the puppet master? Dissatisfactions have emerged from within the ranks of these 2 obscure Indian parties. Its only a matter of time before they too endorse and join in the #undirosak movement, as the only way of sowing their grievances in the upcoming GE.

Nevertheless, anything is possible with Waythamoorthy on board. A person who can turn his back on his own family is capable of doing anything. Overnight he might crack a deal with BN and the whole scenario changes. Only recently in the last GE Waytha admitted that failure to find a common ground with the opposition led to them joining BN. But then, they failed to share the ground with BN as well. Waytha should understand that when you have the same problem with everyone, you are the problem.

From the governing coalition, Umno leads representation of the Malays while from the opposition coalition, Pribumi are the pretenders. As for the Chinese, at one corner of the turnbuckle is MCA while the other end is DAP.

Unfortunately, it is murky for the Indians. DAP’s Prof Ramasamy is delusional that he is the de-facto leader of the Indian community. Hindraf thinks they are the top dogs. MIRA NewGen party also has dreams of leading the community. If this is not a circus, then I wonder what is.