Opinion: Field people friendly candidate to wrest Hutan Melintang seat – by Anthony Xavier

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Hutan Melintang state seat under Bagan Datok parliamentary used to be a safe seat for MIC till 2004.

The last time the seat won by Datuk G.Rajoo from MIC in 2004 has lost the grip to a low key candidate from PKR V.Kevasan whom won the seat in 2008 and 2013 General Elections.

In 2008, Kesavan pull a stunning victory with a 1,700 majority votes and it dropped to 1,200 votes in the last general election with a four cornered battle.

Naturally, Hutan Melintang seat is blessed with a bigger Indian voter turn-out estimated at 32 per cent, Chinese voters of 18 per cent and the remaining 49 per cent Malay voters.

The bigger Indian voter turn out together with the support from Malay and Chinese voters were always a blessing in disguise for MIC to win the seat.

However, in two last general elections, MIC failed to attract the voters, losing out to a low key candidate V.Kesavan from PKR.

The Barisan Nasional election committee should find a mechanism to win back the N54 Hutan Melintang state seat.

Not to forget Hutan Melintang is placed under Bagan Datok parliamentary seat held by
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi should plan to make a clean sweep under his own area.

After two terms held by Opposition, the Hutan Melintang state seat need a serious assistance.

Among the common issues faced by the people in Hutan Melintang are job opportunities, socio-economic upliftment, proper infrastructure and school upgrading.

In order to resolve the issue, Barisan Nasional should think out of the box and nominate a candidate that will be friendly with the people and has the heart to sincerely help the people in the area.

Sometime back there is an NGO leader known as Ramesh Rao from PMSP has been seen helping the people in Hutan Melintang area in a very low profile manner without any media highlights.

The NGO leader Ramesh Rao has helped the Hutan Melintang people in terms of creating job opportunities, funding for education, medical assistance and helping the poor.

Not only in Hutan Melintang area, Barisan Nasional should allow more NGO leaders to take part in the 14th General Election as a way to reflect the sincerity towards helping people.

Any other areas lost twice or more by Barisan Nasional component parties, the strategic election team should find a resolution to field a strong, hard working and people friendly candidate that will ensure to pull a magic victory for the ruling coalition.

Opinion by:

Anthony Xavier
Hutan Melintang Concern Citizen
10 January 2018