Opinion: Don’t limit teaching qualification to Tamil only – Dr. M. Mahendran

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Reference is made to recent articles published in Tamil and English dailies, about 52 Tamil trained teachers not being able to get posting in Tamil schools.

I sincerely sympathise with these students.

One of the reasons, why the Tamil trained graduates (especially the ones from University Pendidikan Sultan Idris) are not being posted is due to the limited vacancies in Tamil schools, especially after the retirement age for government servants was revised to 60.

Secondly, these students also limit their teaching qualification to Tamil language as their major and Tamil literature as their minor in the learning institutions they are attached to, therefore the government finds it difficult to give them a position (to teach other subjects) as they can teach only in Tamil.

I suggest, in future undergraduates majoring in Tamil language, sign up to do their minor in other subjects like Geography, History and Art etc.

The article also indicated that many Teachers Training Institutions’ (TTI) students are also not being posted. I beg to differ on this claim. As far as to my knowledge, almost all TTI trained students already got their postings except for some who failed in their applications for many other reasons.

I urge all undergraduates to be versatile and not to concentrated in one area of teaching.
Anyhow, I’m quite optimistic that the government will look into their plight and post them to schools soonest possible.

– Opinion of Associate Professor Dr Mahendran Maniam, UPSI