One million tweets “Perhimpunan Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled Gathering)

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KUALA LUMPUR – A world record of one million tweets expressing patriotic feelings is targeted from Twitter users in Malaysia in conjunction with the “Perhimpunan Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled Gathering) in celebrating the country’s 55th Merdeka Day, this Friday.

Information, Communications and Culture Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said Twitter users in Malaysia could post their tweets within one hour between 8.15pm and 9.15pm via Tweet #Merdeka55 while the celebration would be going on that night at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

“On that (Friday) night, we will imbibe the Merdeka spirit together by making up to one million tweets. We appeal to all Twitter users to do this as a symbol of love for Malaysia,” he said after watching the Merdeka Day parade rehearsal today.

Rais said to achieve the government’s target of Merdeka tweets, his ministry had appealed to all telecommunication companies in the country to be prepared in order to avoid any transmission disruption during that time to enable Twitter users to make their tweets.

He said free LRT service to Bukit Jalil from as early as 8am until the end of the celebration would also be provided, in line with the government’s aim of gathering as many people from all walks of life at the stadium for the celebration.

“I urge people from the Klang Valley and other parts of the country to join this Merdeka celebration,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rais also hit out at the opposition for “only being good at politicising the Merdeka celebration this time” and he described their action as extreme.

“Instead, they should together celebrate this auspicious occasion and assist a little in organising the celebration. What can we do? To them, their job is to oppose, no matter what.

“But they should remember that since the country achieved its independence (in 1957), they (opposition) too have been enjoying the fruit of the ruling government’s efforts,” he said.

Rais also refuted the claims by opposition portals that Merdeka Day this time would only be celebrated by those who were pro-government while some people were not invited to the gathering on Friday night.

“This is not true as we invite all, regardless of their political affiliation or belief, to join this celebration,” he said.

The Merdeka Day parade rehearsal today saw the participation of more than 13,000 people from various government agencies, corporate bodies, security forces and non-governmental organisations.