Nurul Izzah caught on video just like her father Anwar Ibrahim

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She was caught on video – just like her father, who was caught on video have sex except in this case, she was caught saying Malays should have the freedom to choose their religion and that there should be no compulsion for Malays to be Muslims.

Her urban, middle class Christian listeners at the Tabernacle Church in Subang naturally cheered and applauded. She was fishing for the Christian votes and she gladly played to the gallery. Here was Nurul – the Saviour which the church has been waiting.

In fact, churches had sent messages to their congregation to fast and prayed for changes in the coming elections. Many church leaders have used their FB to campaign openly for PR. It is done openly.

We know where the church stands. We know there is no neutrality when all the speakers at the Tabernacle church were from Pakatan Rakyat.

But God is great. Nurul forgot that her comments would not go down well with the majority of conservative and religious Muslims who would be the decider in the polls.

Liberals and non-Muslims would support Nurul but ultimately, it will be the heartland Malays that will decide the outcome.

So Nurul went on a damage control mode. She denied. She threatened Utusan Malaysia with a suit but the video has already gone viral. We produced here what Malaysiakini – the pro-Pakatan Rakyat website – has reported.

Utusan can summon Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran to testify in court if Nurul proceed to sue!

We are still trying to figure out why some churches still pray for purported righteous and moral leaders who are caught lying, serial adulterer caught having sex with Chinese call girl or having oral sex in a toilet. It’s mind boggling. – Stop The Lies