Nude scandal: I’m not worried at all

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She was recently involved in a spat between two photographers which landed her in a bit of a fix.

One photographer had taken a nude picture of her off another photographer’s Flickr account and posted it on his Facebook page.

Which led to it being splashed all over the Internet.

Ms Eileen Yap, 24, a beauty consultant, had agreed to model in the nude for her photographer.

She said she was paid $1,000 for two hours’ work, and that she gave permission for her pictures – which were taken on a beach on St John’s Island – to be uploaded on her photographer’s Facebook page and Flickr account.

She did not, she said, expect to be circulated so widely after that.

Since Miss Singapore World (MSW) has traditionally been associated with a squeaky clean image, isn’t she afraid that the picture will affect her chances in the contest?

Ms Yap, who signed up for MSW 2012 before her nude picture was leaked, told The New Paper: “No, I’m not worried at all.

“I was prepared to…drop out of the competition if they decided to ban me.

“But they came to talk to me instead. They said they saw the picture and as it wasn’t the sleazy type, they didn’t think it would affect my taking part in the pageant.”

She added that she had taken the nude pictures to prove they could be done in good taste, thereby championing her belief that “modelling is a decent job”.

But when her picture made the headlines, Ms Yap admitted that her mother, boyfriend and relatives were in shock.

It wasn’t so much that she had done the nude shoot (which she had told them about beforehand), but that her pictures were being exposed to the public.

Said Ms Yap, who added that she is taking the debacle in her stride: “Honestly, I didn’t join this pageant to win.

“I have stage fright, so this was a good opportunity for me to overcome it.

“I’m just so happy that I have already made it into the finals.”

This article was first published in The New Paper.