Nude pictures of woman emailed to colleagues and employer

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KUALA LUMPUR: He was a cheat who promised to wed her when he was already married.

When Crystal, 44, (not her real name) left him after finding out that he had a newborn son and another mistress on the side, her 47-year-old lover took revenge and posted nude photos of her online.

Crystal said she had been in a three-year relationship with the man only to find out recently that he was married.

“I was shocked and angry and decided the best thing to do for his family’s sake and mine was to leave him,” said Crystal who dumped her lover in April.

The single mother of four, however, did not realise worse was to come.

A series of nude photos of Crystal was sent to her employer, several colleagues and friends via e-mail.

Crystal said the nude pictures were taken while she was intoxicated last November.

The Star reported, she has since been fired and claims she cannot find another job as a sales assistant as her ex-boyfriend had also sent her photos to other companies and employers in the same industry she is in.

“He has ruined my life as my phone number and address are on the photos. I have received many calls and visits from men trying to solicit sex,” said Crystal, who broke down several times during a press conference at the MCA Public Ser­vices and Complaints Department.

Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said Crystal had lodged a police report at the Kota Damansara police station.

He said her ex-boyfriend was now being investigated under Section 292 and 383 of the Penal Code for circulating obscene materials and for extortion.

Chong added that 11 cases of sexual harassment had been reported to the department this year. Four involved women whose nude photos were leaked online by ex-lovers.

“Some were duped by their lovers to pose nude for an art project or for their personal use. Others weren’t even aware they were photographed in the nude,” said Chong.

He added that he suspects many other cases have gone unreported as some women may be too embarrassed to come forward or have been blackmailed into silence by their perpetrators.