Non-Malay that they will never, ever be allowed to be prime minister

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I think this issue of which race should be prime minister has gone on long enough. Prime Minister Najib Razak should just come right out and tell everyone who is non-Malay that they will never, ever be allowed to be prime minister.

Just get it over with. MCA chief Chua Soi Lek should also do the same at his future events since he has challenged Penang CM Lim Guan Eng on this. Why go around letting Malaysians have false ideas?

Why only raise this issue in Utusan Malaysia? Isn’t that unfair? Why not print this in all the front pages in all the main papers; just tell it like it is: only Malay-Muslims will ever be allowed to be PM regardless of the constitution’s true position.

Maybe Najib can even make it simpler, if BN wins the next GE with a two-thirds majority, promise that BN will amend the constitution to ensure that only Malay-Muslims can be PM.

That will put to rest all this senseless squabbling.

The 1Malaysia programmes should also inform all non-Malays of this, so there is no misconception. Tell the truth, that 1Malaysia is not for all, that some will forever be more privileged than the rest, so deal with it.

Since the general election is coming, go tell all the Indians, Chinese and East Malaysians that BN will never allow any of them to be PM. Give us assurance that Malaysia will always be Malay first, others second.

That would be a refreshing change, some honesty from BN leaders. Why let the people live in a fantasy?

Chua Soi Lek, go and remind the Chinese to remember their second class status, instead of attacking DAP. You claim to represent the Chinese, so go ahead, put us in our place.

I think most people would understand. Over 50 years under BN has drummed into most non-Malays’ minds that we are second class citizens who have no place in government where it matters most.

It is okay for us 40 plus percent to accept that the other 50 plus percent simply cannot be led by us, it has only to be the other way around. -Mkini