Ning Baizura may sue Malay-language newspaper

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KUALA LUMPUR: Songstress Ning Baizura is considering taking legal action against a Malay-language newspaper for claiming that she was on the verge of joining pro-Muslim political party PAS.

The 37-year-old, known for hits such as Awan Yang Terpilu, is disturbed by the daily’s allegations, which she claimed was irresponsible.

She said she was taken aback when she saw the article, but stressed that she wasn’t angry.

“I’m not a politician, I’m just a singer, but I have my rights too. As someone who has never been remotely involved in politics, why am I being made a victim here?

“If someone comes out and labels me an Opposition supporter against my will, it is definitely a sensitive issue for me.

“I’ve always been supportive of the government, and I’m proud of Malaysia. That has been my principle from before,” she told Malaysian Digest yesterday.

She said she has since discussed her next move with her lawyer.

“For me, this case certainly isn’t closed yet. I leave everything to my lawyer. Perhaps some parties who had spread this malicious gossip should be compelled to apologize or retract the statement,” she said.

The controversy broke out when a local Malay daily had ran article last week, claiming that the singer was on the verge of joining PAS. The daily had run an accompanying picture, which showed her wearing a tudung.

Local celebrity blogs subsequently picked up on the news, and speculation escalated over her links to PAS. The matter was made all the more controversial as only recently, Gerak Khas actress Abby Abadi had publicly declared her PAS membership.

Following the allegations in the daily, Ning had vented her frustration on her Twitter account. Her rant drew attention and sympathy from fans and the local celebrity community alike.

“I had to correct the situation. The quickest and easiest place to do it was on Twitter, as I could reach my fans and clear my name. Maybe my actions have offended anyone, and if it did, I apologize,” she said.

Ning explained that the images of her in a tudung were from her Instagram photo collection following her involvement in a telemovie, Haji Bakhil, last year.

“The issue isn’t about me wearing a tudung, that is something I’m okay with. In fact one day, when the call comes, it is something I will do.

“However, I will not accept being taken advantage of, such as linking me to any organisation that I have never endorsed,” she said. – Malaysian Digest