Nigerian pirates kidnapped my husband

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KUALA LUMPUR: The wife of oil and gas electrician George Lipih Ambo has appealed to his kidnappers to release him.

George, from Miri, was kidnapped by Nigerian pirates off the Gulf of Guinea while he was on the oil-servicing vessel Jascon 33 owned by Dutch-based Sea Trucks Group.

It was reported that two Nigerian naval guards were killed in the Aug 4 incident while George and three others were kidnapped.

The father-of-three was forced to celebrate his 42nd birthday on Monday in captivity.

His tearful wife Bibi Suntek said this is not the first time George had had a brush with pirates.

“He was also attacked by pirates last year who boarded the vessel he was on. They wanted food. However, George still wanted to continue despite the risks that came with the job.”

Umno Youth public complaints bureau chairman Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh said the pirates had been communicating through a point person in the Nigerian capital of Lagos.

“They guaranteed that George was unharm­ed and being treated well.

“We are in touch with the Malaysian embassy in Abuja and the National Security Council.

“We hope the pirates will release him,” said Muhammad Khairun.

The Star reported that he added that the Government should warn Malaysians working in high-risk areas, especially since kidnappings were becoming common in the oil-rich West African coastline.

“Maybe George was unaware of the geo-po­­­litical situation there. Malaysians should know the risks involved before committing themselves to this kind of job,” said Khairun Aseh.

George’s mother-in-law Kupi Nyaum said she would convince him to leave the job once he had been released.

“I want him to get a job closer to home,” she added.