National day “Janji Ditepati” stolen from a gospel song by the Jakarta-based Christian band

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The “Janji Ditepati” (Promises Fulfilled) melody picked for National Day celebration this year is actually stolen from a gospel song by the Jakarta-based Christian band True Worshippers, featuring Indonesian songstress Ruth Sahanaya.

This is not the first time. It’s not OK to keep stealing materials from Indonesia and claiming its ours. It shows a lack of class and ethics. At least give Indonesia some credit. If a million people have already seen it on YouTube, all Malaysians will be turned off when they realize it’s not our original material. How embarrassed will we be when Indonesians spread the word (or call us out on the spot!) that we Malaysians stole their melody and made it our melody for our National Day Celebration? Come on Rais Yatim you can do better than this! Please lah this is melody picked for our National Day celebration. You just cannot steal ideas, vibe, style… etc… Indonesians are going to say we Malaysians are master of stealing their original ideas and commercializing them and claiming its ours. Worst still we use it for our National Day Celebration.

Watch both the videos and make your own conclusion guys. Rais Yatim says its our version, what rubbish.