Musa – “Something is wrong here”

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Former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the escape of 11 detainees within the span of a month is a worrying trend, urging the police force to step up.

Early last month, four policemen were suspended following the shocking escape of two Colombian men and a Zambian woman from a moving police van and outside the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court respectively — both 20 minutes apart.

Last Wednesday, police recaptured a suspected killer who escaped a week earlier from the magistrate’s court in Klang.

A total number of six policemen have been suspended following the above-mentioned incidents.

Musa blames it on negligence, saying this issue needs to be addressed immediately.

“Something is wrong. It is obvious the standard operating procedures are not adhered here,” he said.

Musa also questioned how the handcuffs in all of the incidents were easily taken off.

Former assistant superintendent of police Datuk Mohd Farid Hassan said some escapes were down to a lack of adherence to procedures set by the inspector-general.

He said that additionally, escort personnel do not have the necessary training to overpower detainees, unlike in other departments. “If an officer does not know the proper technique to handle such a person, they will be in trouble,” he said.

Crime analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim agreed that the police should never rule out the possibility of any detainee running away.

“Prisoners being brought to court must be treated as criminals. Assume they will run away,” he said.

However, he also asked if human right’s activists were willing accept heightened security levels.

Kamal Affandi suggested that magistrates perform remand hearings at police stations to reduce the number of variables involved when moving prisoners.