Mixed martial arts fighter the most excruciating injuries of his life

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PETALING JAYA  –  Mixed martial arts fighter Ray Elbe is used to being kicked and punched for a living but nothing prepared him for one of the most  “fracturing” his penis.

The 30-year-old American, who now teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts at a studio in Ara Damansara here, suffered the injury while having sex with his girlfriend on Dec 3.

He also talked about his painful experience on YouTube.

“I jumped out from that intimate moment with blood shooting out from my groin. I tried to run to the shower and felt myself losing consciousness,” said Elbe, who goes by the nickname “Magical Ray”, in the video posted on Saturday.

He collapsed and ended up with 10 stitches to his chin and several chipped teeth.

He added that as a result of the injury, he would be unable to urinate properly for several weeks.

The accident also proved to be a costly affair, leaving Elbe with RM17,000 in hospital bills.

He hopes to recover some of the cost by selling his story and pictures.

After doing some research on penile fracture, he admitted that he was lucky that he had sought medical attention early.

Elbe added that his doctor expects him to fully recover because the injury did not hit a major artery.

According to Prof Dr George Lee, a clinical associate professor in urology from Monash University Sunway Association, such an injury was not completely uncommon, having attended to three such cases in his five years of working in Malaysia.

He said the injury was caused by tissue, which traps blood in the organ during erection, breaking when bent.

“The person will hear a cracking sound followed by intense pain and flaccidity. It is a medical emergency. We only have six to 10 hours to repair the organ before there is irreversible damage,” he said.

Dr Lee advised men to minimise the risk of injury by not having vigorous sex.  –  The Star