MIC Youth Gains Taxi Driver’s Confidents – Shanker Raj Ayanger

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Klang (May, 13) Selangor MIC Youth Chief Shanker Raj Ayanger has been appointed as advisor to Indian Taxi Drivers Welfare Co-operative yesterday by the President Muthukrishnan . The new appointment was a significant change and reorganization for Taxi Drivers welfare by Selangor MIC Youth and opportunity for all parties to work together as a team to strengthen the BN coalition in Selangor.

Selangor MIC Youth believe, Shanker’s appointment would serve as a catalyst to “fire up” the BN election machinery in Selangor. Taxi drivers are the right path for MIC and BN Selangor to leverage by sending a message across to the public in Klang Valley concerning the struggle taken by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s transformation program.

The new strategy taken by Selangor MIC Youth is to empower Taxi Drivers to update people about government’s performance, planning and future plans for Selangor’s development.

Shanker also advised Selangor Taxi Drivers to buy 1Malaysia Personal Accident Insurance from POS Malaysia underwritten by RHB Insurance which only cost them RM 11.00 a year which comes with RM5,000.00 coverage, which is another program by our Prime Minister for our Malaysians.

On Selangor MIC Youth’s strategy to ensure its victory in the 13th General Election in Selangor, Shanker Raj says BN should ensure that all of its pledges are met. “This is so, as the people know how to evaluate the government’s performance. Young people should be provided with a clearer and more meaningful picture, and this means they should also have a sense of responsibility as citizens of this nation.

“I call on Selangor Youth to support the government’s efforts that have given our country many living benefits and comforts.

The advantage held by the BN government now is its willingness and seriousness in hearing out the people’s issues, including those of the younger generation, and proceed to correct the situation.” Shanker adds.

He said the BN has responded positively to the needs and demands of the people, particularly with regard to the issues of corruption, abuse of power and the government delivery system.