MIC stay away; let NGOs champion issue

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PETALING JAYA, May 19,2012: About 100 people are expected to stage a hunger strike tomorrow in Klang against the Selangor state government, accusing the latter of failing to address their grouses.

The hunger strike, which would commence from 11am till 5pm, would be spearheaded by the Klang Consumer Association supported by several former estate workers’ families from Bukit Raja.

MIC Youth chief T Mohan would be also be present to receive a memorandum from the protesters who would gather at Tengku Kelana.

Speaking to reporters, T Mohan said the hunger strike was being staged as the Pakatan Rakyat state government had failed to answer several issues affecting the Indian community.

Among them was the Midlands Tamil School land sale and housing for the former Bukit Raja estate workers.

“Selangor exco for Indian affairs Dr Xavier Jeyakumar failed to provide proper explanation on what happened to the money received after selling the land slated for the Tamil school in 2008,” he said.

In April, Klang Consumer Association president A Devadass said in 1995, the previous Barisan Nasional state government allocated four acres for the school to be erected in Section 7, Shah Alam where I-City is now located.

He claimed that the current state government sold the land to I-City for a whopping RM20 million but the school was built at an alternative site for an amount of RM4.7 million.

“So where is the balance money? Also, we know it was not the state government that gave the school RM3 million… the money came from I-City. So who got the rest of the cash?” he asked.

Mohan also alleged that the Selangor state government allocated eight acres out of 15-acres land, allocated for a housing scheme to former Bukit Raja estate workers for a luxury housing project.

“Former MIC president S Samy vellu fought hard to get the land for 144 estate workers’ families. Now, they are left with seven acres and it’s only for 82 families,” he alleged.

He also said Pakatan failed to rename Tengku Kelana as Little India despite making promises before the 2008 general election.

“Perak, Malacca and Johor gazettted some sites as Little India in their respective states. Why can’t the Pakatan state government do the same?” he asked.

We are puzzled as to why suddenly MIC is showing much concern on several issues including the land issue. What have they been up to all this while? Why wait till the NGOs raise up issues and only then response is coming in from MIC? Is this another pre election drama? Many matters are lying unresolved and hope the so called champion of Indian community party, MIC will take pro active measures and make sincere attempts to resolve it.